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Buy Used Shipping Containers for Sale in Akron, OH

Are you looking to buy a used shipping container in Akron, OH? Used Shipping Container HQ makes it easy to get high quality used steel shipping containers in Akron, OH at affordable prices. Comparing prices on a used shipping container in Akron, OH is easy, just fill out the quick contact form. When you use Used Shipping Container HQ to find used shipping containers for sale in Akron, Ohio you know that you'll get great rates on durable, long-lasting containers. You get exactly what you need, whether you want a 40 ft high cube shipping container in Akron or a one-trip shipping container for on site storage in Akron.

Akron Used Shipping Container Sales

  • 10 Ft. Used Shipping Containers Akron, OH - 10 ft Long x 8 ft 6 in High x 8 ft Wide
  • 20 Ft. Used Shipping Containers Akron, OH - 20 ft Long x 8 ft 6 in High x 8 ft Wide
  • 40 Ft. Used Shipping Containers Akron, OH - 40 ft Long x 8 ft 6 in High x 8 ft Wide
  • Used 40 Ft. High Cube Shipping Containers Akron, OH (HC) - 40 ft Long x 9 ft 6 in High x 8 ft Wide

These are the standard sizes and dimensions for shipping containers. ISO conex containers have standardized sizes because they are built for intermodal shipping and they need to be easily interchangeable. Containers are made with long lasting 12 gauge corten steel, which is built to withstand corrosive salt and harsh weather on transcontinental travel. Containers also have marine paint which is very strong and long lasting as well. All used shipping containers in Akron (except as is) are both wind and water tight, but not all of them are cargo/freight certified. If you need a freight certified container you should expect to pay a few hundred dollars more.

One-Trip Shipping Containers in Akron

One trip containers are technically used, since they've been shipped across the ocean, but they are referred to as new. They are wind and water tight and typically ISO certified to ship cargo. They look basically brand new, but might have some very minor scratches on the exterior.

One-Trip / New Shipping Container

one trip shipping container Akron

One-Trip / New Shipping Container

one trip shipping container interior  Akron

WWT and Cargo Worthy Shipping Containers in Akron

Cargo worthy containers (CW) are basically like new in function, but cosmetically they have some minor dents and slight rust. They are completely wind and water tight and will keep your things stored securely.

Cargo Worthy / WWT Used Shipping Container

cargo worthy used shipping container Akron, wwt shipping container Akron

One-Trip / New Shipping Container

cargo worthy shipping container interior  Akron

As is Shipping Containers in Akron

As is containers have lots of rust on them and they are not guaranteed to be wind and water tight. They have many dents and dings, and paint is likely stripping. Depending on your needs, you may need to refurbish or repaint the container.

As Is Shipping Container

as is shipping container Akron

Why Do I Need a Used Shipping Container in Akron, OH

Buying a used shipping container in Akron can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. They are much cheaper than new containers, portable storage or self storage units. If you need a safe place to store equipment, records, tools, merchandise or anything else, a used container may be the perfect solution. They are great for construction storage, retail, restaurants, malls, sports teams, building homes, academic, government, military and manufacturing.

How Much Does a Used Shipping Container Cost in Akron?

Pricing depends on current inventory levels in Akron, your location where you want the container or containers delivered (delivery charges vary), and the size you want.

Contact us now to purchase a low cost used shipping container in Akron. You won't find a better price, or selection of used containers in Akron anywhere else.

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